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Recruiting in Recession

Posted On , By Hamid Ali, Dubai, UAE

One of the benefits of recession for employers is the increase in high quality job applicants since there are plenty of quality candidates around in most skill areas at the moment just waiting to be recruited. However, recruiting during a recession is not an easy feat; there is business that needs to be done and not nearly enough funds to hire the quantity and quality of employees. Budgets are being cut and activity reduced, head counts frozen and future budgets far from being agreed.

Many economists believe that recruiting during recession to improve your talent pool is the best way forward since any business big or small relies on talent in order for it to surpass the difficulties of recession and to deliver a competitive advantage that can bring the business to its forefront. The base idea is not to wait and find ways to weather the storm but to take a proactive measure to tide the wave. Though many companies did an extremely poor job of recruiting by not being able to take the bare minimum advantage of what the market had to offer, some others did even worse by further reducing their talent acquisition muscle by decimating their recruitment teams.

The current high availability of talent is only a temporary phenomenon and once this talent is reabsorbed in months and years ahead, companies will all be back to square one; wondering where to find tomorrows leaders and how to acquire the best talent. While the job market is by no means booming, there have been signs that have industry watchers cautiously optimistic about the hiring outlook and therefore, it is extremely important now to keep you business in a good recruiting shape by constantly using your recruitment muscle.

Recruiting in the current climate calls for a shift in thinking that evolves with the economic situation. When every penny counts employers need to get the most out their recruitment budget. Listed below are three (3) simple steps that we recommend to all our clients and prospects in order to enable their businesses to benefit from the availability of excess talent in the global job market.

  1. Review your recruitment methodolgy; is there an easier, more cost effective way to meet the market? Review what you have done in the past, what you will be doing in future and how well you do them.
  2. Optimise your recruitment process to generate optimum results for minimum outlay in terms of time and money. Make the recruitment process more productive by eliminating time-wasting exercises with unsuitable candidates
  3. Review your recruitment partners, cut expensive fees and demand more accountability. Trying to recruit without the assistance of a professional agency such as Resourcing Partners is usually a false economy.

Recruitment is going to be a major strategic influence over the next 10-15 years and beyond so why not use this recession as a positive time and opportunity to roll your sleeves up and get your recruitment engine fine tuned and ready for action when things pick up?

Feel free to contact us at, if you want any help to streamline your recruitment process - this is the stuff we love doing!